Social Justice Training Program

Welcome to the RCH Social Justice training program to be used throughout CCRCE. This tool has been designed to ensure that all employees of CCRCE have the opportunity to engage in Social Justice training at their worksite. It is hoped that every worksite and school will have trained facilitators to deliver this training. This training supports the Strategic Plan: Goal 2.

Goal 2:
Provide Positive, Safe, Socially-Just Learning Environments
A positive learning atmosphere is dependent on a climate of complex social interaction within
a diverse community of people. Students, staff, and parents/guardians should expect an
environment that is positive, safe, inclusive and welcoming.

Race Relations, Cross-Cultural Understanding and Human Rights (RCH) Social Justice Lead Team Members:

Lee Anne Arsenault, Trevor Boyd, Bruce Fisher, Katie Gloade, Delroy (Les) Mullings, Doreen Richard, Patsy Paul-Martin and Jocelyn Dorrington.