Professional Growth and Appraisal Program

"The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their particular job!” . . .
Vincent T. Lombardi, NFL Coach"


The Chignecto-Central Regional Centre for Education – its members and staff – are committed to excellence in education.

Excellence is, in large part, dependent upon the “quality of work” evident in the day-to-day performance of those persons employed by the CCRCE to provide leadership, instruction and/or support services within the regional education system.

Accordingly, it is appropriate that personnel performance effectiveness is regularly monitored and evaluated.

The Personnel Performance Program is designed to promote excellence in all aspects of personnel performance.



  • The purpose of the Personnel Performance Program is to enhance the quality of education for and service to children.
  • The Personnel Performance Program will involve all employees on a regularly scheduled basis.
  • The Personnel Performance Program is based upon the premise that most employees are competent professionals genuinely interested in growth and development.
  • Within the Personnel Performance Program, all employees have a responsibility to meet established performance expectations.
  • Within the Personnel Performance Program, continual growth and development of personnel effectiveness is a shared responsibility.
  • The Personnel Performance Program will involve staff in a co-operative, constructive, continuous process that takes place within an atmosphere of fairness, trust and mutual respect.
  • Within the Personnel Performance Program, all staff will work together to promote professional growth and development and to enhance employee effectiveness.
  • Within the Personnel Performance Program, employees who are not meeting established performance expectations will be provided additional supervision, assistance and a reasonable time for improvement.


Performance Appraisal


Performance Appraisal is the process by which the Chignecto-Central Regional School Board will evaluate the job-performance of employees in all employment categories.

Performance Appraisal provides opportunity for supervisors and employees to review:

  • established performance expectations for employment positions;
  • the level of performance expected;
  • the criteria to be used in evaluation of performance; and,
  • the results achieved by the employee.

Performance Appraisal is concerned with maintaining or improving employee job-performance and contributing to personal development and job-satisfaction through performance feedback.


The purpose of Performance Appraisal is to enhance the effectiveness with which employees perform their duties.


  1. To ensure that employees know and are committed to achieving established performance expectations related to their employment position.
  2. To provide employees with reasonable guidance regarding the quality of their performance in the interests of self-fulfillment and of responding to organizational requirements.
  3. To assist employees in developing their abilities and skills (within the context of their jobs) through constructive feedback, coaching, training and other developmental activities.
  4. To improve communications between employees and supervisors.
  5. To improve supervisors’ knowledge of employee capabilities and training needs.
  6. To assist administrators in identifying and developing candidates for promotion, alternative job placement, training, etc.

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