Outlook: Overview

Microsoft Migration for Staff Email Accounts

As many staff may already know, CCRCE staff users will soon be moving to a new e-mail system. By August 10th, all CCRCE staff GroupWise e-mail accounts will be moved – or migrated – to Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Outlook will offer CCRCE staff access to updated technology including increased stability, compatibility with current applications and improved security.  

After August 9th, all staff will have the ability to access their new Microsoft Outlook account via the Outlook Web App, an online e-mail application. Microsoft Outlook will support a larger mailbox for all CCRCE users and, in addition to e-mail, will include a calendar, contact and task management features and more. Training opportunities for users at the regional, family and school levels will be available beginning in August. Staff will also have access to online and print resources via this website as they become available.


Migration – Important Dates to Remember

All CCRCE users are asked to begin tidying-up their GroupWise Inbox by deleting or archiving email messages now in preparation for the migration. Data from user accounts will start to be moved from GroupWise to Outlook around on July 26th. Beginning on July 25th and continuing until August 10th, staff must not delete, edit, move or archive any email messages. Any changes made to email inboxes during this time may not be retained when the migration from GroupWise to Outlook is completed.  


Temporary Passwords

Ahead of August 10th, all staff users will be issued a temporary password for their new Microsoft Outlook email account. New, temporary passwords will be issued via Integrated Services.

When you are prompted by IT, you can access your temporary password: 

1. Login to Integrated Services

2. Select "User Security Profile" under the Technical Support section

3. Your temporary Outlook Email password will be listed under the Last Known Password

Staff should ensure that they have access to Integrated Services - that their username and password are working - before summer begings.


Migration Means More Room!

In time, staff users will have the Outlook Client software installed on their classroom and office devices. When this occurs, users will have the option of using Outlook Web App or Outlook Client for their messaging and calendaring needs.

Migrating from GroupWise to Microsoft Outlook will give all CCRCE users a more stable, up-to-date and flexible email platform. The changeover will take some time and may cause a few bumps along the way, but the end result will be well-worth the journey. 



If staff users have questions specific to the changeover please do not hesitate to contact the IT Department at 8934 (option two, then option one).