Outlook: FAQ

To help staff get ready for the introduction of Microsoft Outlook, the IT Department has put together this Frequently Asked Questions document. If you have a question about the migration of CCRCE's email system from GroupWise to Outlook that is not included on this list, please contact the IT Department at 8937.

Q: What does migration mean?

A: Migration is the transfer of information from one system to another.


Q: What is Microsoft Outlook?

A:  Microsoft Outlook is an e-mail software program that offers other features including a calendar, contact manager and task manager.


Q: What is the difference between the Outlook Web App and the Outlook client?

A: The Outlook Web App can be accessed using a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or Chrome, from any computer. The Outlook client is software that is installed directly on your computer and runs independently. The client version will offer some additional features not available in the Web App. 


Q: Will my GroupWise email be deleted?

A: No. As of July 26th, existing GroupWise email will be transferred to Outlook email. This process is known as migration. 


Q: What should I do to prepare for the new e-mail system?

A: Please take some time to review the email messages stored in your GroupWise Inbox and take steps to delete or archive messages that are not essential to keep in your Inbox before July 25th. Any changes made after July 25th may not be retained. 
If you currently do not use the archiving feature, please delete any messages that are not essential to keep.


Q: Will I have more e-mail space using Outlook?

A: Yes, users will see an increase to the amount of storage space for e-mail.


Q: Will the email messages I have archived in GroupWise be transferred to Outlook?

A: Yes. Your archived email messages in GroupWise will be transferred to Outlook or made accessible to you. This will happen after August 10th. 


Q: Will staff be expected to use both CCRCE and GNSPES e-mail in the future?

A: Like GroupWise, Outlook will be used as the primary means of communication for CCRCE staff. Teachers may choose to use GNSPES (part of Google Apps for Education in NS) in addition to Outlook for communications with students.


Q: Can I use an Outlook client on my Apple computer?

A: There is an Outlook client for Apple computers; however, these computers are not supported by CCRCE for regular use by staff.


Q: Will Outlook work on my mobile devices?

A: There will changes regarding how mobile devices are connected to your CCRCE email. Additional information will be posted when it becomes available.


Q: Where can I go for for help?

A: Phone support will be available at 902-897-8934 (select option two, then option one) after August 10th if you are experiencing issues accessing your email.


Q: What if I am missing items that were in GroupWise?

A:   If you are missing items in your Outlook mailbox (messages, appointments, tasks, contacts), please have an online request submitted with a product description of “CCRCE Email (ccrsb.ca) Problems” and we will investigate why the items did not transfer. Please include any details regarding what is missing.  
When determining that you are missing items please be aware of the following:
1.    Items in Outlook that are over 2 years old are automatically archived to an “In-Place Archive”. You can access the “In-Place Archive” directly from your Outlook Web App main screen in the folder panel (list of folders on the left). Please check for missing messages here before having an online request submitted.  
2.    Personal GroupWise Archives have not been transferred to Outlook yet so if the missing items were archived from GroupWise, you will not see them at this time. We will be transferring Personal GroupWise Archives to your Outlook “In-Place Archive” over the next 2-3 weeks (starting August 17th). If you are not familiar with archiving items from GroupWise, then this does not apply to you.
3.    Shared folders from GroupWise are transferred to the owner’s Outlook mailbox. The owner must share the folder in Outlook before users can access it. Please check with the owner of a shared folder to verify that permissions have been granted to you.


Q: What staff members are provided with Outlook Accounts?

A: Outlook accounts and Novell accounts are created based on active CCRCE employees contained in databases maintained by the Human Resources department.
In some cases staff from partnering organizations are provided accounts to help in providing services to students. Please see “CCRCE user account guidelines” located on the IT website at http://it.ccrsb.ca/node/2576 (Login with your Novell username and password) for information regarding which staff members or staff from partnering organizations are provided accounts, what basic access they receive and where requests for accounts or changes must come from. Please note that we are working with HR to develop new guidelines for substitute teacher accounts.


Q: Why am I receiving undelivered messages back when trying to send to CCRCE staff?

A: Some staff have reported that they are receiving undelivered messages back when sending to CCRCE staff. This appears to be an issue with incorrect email addresses listed in the history when entering a recipient in the “To:” field. The history list appears once you start typing a recipient’s name. Please ensure that the address is username@ccrsb.ca when sending to CCRCE staff. You can highlight the incorrect entries in the history list that appears and press the delete key to remove them.